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April 29 News - 4-29-2023

Hey everyone, over the past couple years we have been working and uploading to many tube websites that have content partner programs. This has been working VERY well for us, and we want to work with more of you.

We will gladly upload to your tube site if you offer a content partner program. Or grab our feeds and link up for daily tube clip releases.

Tube Clip Feed (XML and CSV)
We have built a new tool for all tube site owners to use. This is a tube clip feed to plug into your websites to automatically pull in our daily tube clip updates. The clips are 8 minutes long. There are 2 options, and xml and csv feed.

Payout Options - Paypal and ACH Payments
We need to get caught up on our payouts. Paxum has some new requirements for business accounts, and we are working with them to try and meet the requirements. We are not sure when this will be resolved. So for now we would like to get caught up with either Paypal or ACH payments.

Paypal Payments Now Available
A great alternative to Paxum for international payments for us is Paypal. So please email us with your Paypal info and will send you the payouts owed.

USA Affiliates - FREE ACH Payouts
We are now offering free ACH payments to all affiliates in the United States. So please email us with your info for ACH payments.

Brandon Michaels